Stem Cell Therapy

Adult stem cell therapy is an innovative, nonsurgical means of joint pain relief that allows many patients to delay or even eliminate the need for joint surgery. As a leading authority on the use and benefits of adult stem cell treatments and other forms of regenerative medicine, Dr. Dennis Lox is proud to offer this progressive therapy to his patients. He believes in educating his patients about their options for treatment so that they can make informed, confident decisions about their care. With his help, people throughout the nation have found relief from pain and achieved improved mobility with stem cell therapy as an alternative to surgery.

Stem Cell TherapyStem cell therapy for joint injuries, arthritis, and similar conditions involves the use of adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells, to regenerate tissue in joints that have succumbed to degeneration caused by age, osteoarthritis, injuries, and repetitive stress. Through a process called autologous transplantation, stem cells that are taken from your own body – processed while you wait – are injected into the joint or tissue that is experiencing pain. This procedure performed right in the comfort of Dr. Lox’s state-of-the-art clinic with no need to visit a hospital or surgery center.

Adult stem cell therapy for the knee, hip, shoulder, and other areas can reduce inflammation and pain, as well as promote healing and repair. The conditions Dr. Lox treats with adult stem cell therapy include:

If you are suffering from joint pain and are ready to explore your options for nonsurgical, regenerative therapy, contact Dr Lox today to schedule a consultation. He may recommend stem cell therapy alone or in conjunction with other conservative approaches to joint pain relief such as PRP therapy or cortisone injections.



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