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Judy Loar describes the procedure as painless, with no down time. “I was actually awake during the whole procedure, discussing politics and laughing,” she said. During the procedure Dr. Lox is able to harvest stem cells from a patient’s own body fat and inject them right into the problem area. “It was like a miracle” – Watch as Judy Loar describes her experience with Dr. Dennis Lox to WFLA’s Gayle Guyardo.

Watching Natasha Merangoli run drills, you wouldn’t guess that two years ago, doctors said she’d never play soccer again. Then, she met Dr. Lox. He said he could save her ankle and her soccer career, with her own stem cells. In just under six months, Natasha was back on the field. “Some days, I forget which foot it was, because I don’t feel anything anymore,” said Natasha.

Rockville Man Embraces Stem Cell Replacement Therapy. Embrace Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Dennis Lox. Jim Virotsko a Rockville, Indiana native did not want shoulder replacement surgery as recommended by an orthopedic surgeon. His wife had heard about stem cell therapy that had helped a patient who had a bad outcome with knee replacement surgery. This lead the Florida woman to seek out Dr. Dennis Lox a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert for consul regarding stem cell therapy for her other knee.

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