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Located in Gilroy, California ? Discover how Stem Cells can help you avoid having Surgery by simply coming to one of our Stem Cell Regeneration Centers of Excellence near you.

Dr. Dennis Lox M.D. is a Specilist in Regenerative Medicine that focuses on Stem Cell Regeneration and has been helping patients since 1990 to increase their quality of life by reducing their pain. He emphasizes non-surgical treatments and appropriate use of medications.

A considerable amount of patients in Gilroy, California are turning to stem cell therapy instead of surgery when their mobility and quality of life are severely affected by conditions like avascular necrosis, osteoarthritis, torn tendons, and injured ligaments. Dr. Dennis M. Lox, M.D. specializes in this progressive, innovative treatment that may be able to help you return to an active, fulfilling life in Gilroy, California.

Stem Cells are extracted from ones own body fat as opposed to embryos or bone marrow. The result is a much higher count of Stem Cells which provide better regeneration. The whole process can be done in one day making surgery a thing of the past.

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Located in Gilroy, California, read about how Stem Cells may help you live a more active life starting today!.

AVN of the Knee: No Symptoms after Treatment with Stem Cells

Avascular necrosis (AVN) occurs when the the blood supply to a region of the bone (femur/tibia or both) becomes disrupted leading to bone cell death referred to as necrosis. The hip is most commonly affected in the leg, followed by the knee. Stem cells have been utilized for knee cartilage and osteoarthritis disorders, as well as in avascular necrosis (AVN).

This case illustrates the treatment of an athlete and tennis player who developed AVN in the knee following trauma. Trauma is the leading precipitating factor in the development of AVN. Athletes often wishes to avoid the surgical options for avascular necrosis. These surgical options include core decompression and knee joint replacement. Both are associated with a lengthy recovery, and may not allow the return to sports participation in the athletes chosen field. Remarks to an athlete such as pick another sport are not met with great satisfaction. A sport such as tennis is grueling on the knee, and preservation of joint function is vital to successfully engaging in this sport. For these reasons Stem Cell Therapy, for knee AVN is a viable option. This patient elected to have Stem Cell Therapy, as the symptoms: pain and swelling, precluded her tennis play. After her Stem Cell Therapy, the pain and swelling resolved, walking was now without pain at all. Increased functional activities were allowed, and knee x-rays were stable.

The return to demanding sport is a case by case decision. Proper counseling and advice is paramount. The regenerative physician's role is to guide and facilitate achieving the patient’s goal when practical or feasible. This includes frank discussions of risk when necessary.

Stem Cells Gilroy, California, Learn about Stem Cells in Gilroy, California, Stem Cell Centers Gilroy, California

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