Untitled-2Stem Cell Therapy For Pain Relieve Without Surgery

Dr Dennis Lox has been featured in the media across the nation as the expert in stem cell therapy for sports and regenerative medicine as an alternative to surgery. Specializing in cases of knee, hip, ankle, shoulder to relieve pain utilizing your own stem cells to regenerate your joints to regain your life without pain.

Dr. Lox completed his board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and is a Physical Medicine and Pain Management specialist to include two office locations in Tampa Bay, FL and Beverly Hills, CA. In addition to growing relieving patients of pain without surgery, he has authored numerous textbook chapters, and has written two books relating to his field of expertise including, “Soft Tissue Injury-Diagnosis and Treatment and Physical Medicine” and “Rehabilitation State of the Art Review: Low Back Pain”

Dr. Lox focuses on improving the quality of life for his patients by specializing in a conservative, non-surgical approach to the treatment of their pain.

If you have questions about adult stem cell therapy for joint pain, sports injuries, arthritis, how the procedure is performed, and how the stem cells work to repair injured joints and tissues, Dr. Lox would be happy to educate you about the entire process. Contact the offices of Dr Dennis Lox to schedule your consultation today.